Jan 25, 2023

Story of Fatema

In a small village in rural Bangladesh, a mother named Fatema struggled to provide nutritious food for her children. Despite working hard on her small farm, she often found it difficult to make ends meet and put food on the table. Her children suffered from malnutrition and were frequently sick, and Fatema worried about their health and well-being.

One day, Fatema heard about a new product called Shokti Doi that was being sold in her village. The yogurt was specially formulated to provide essential vitamins and minerals that were often lacking in the diets of children  Intrigued, her decided to give it a try.

To her delight, Fatema found that her children loved the taste of Shokti Doi, and she began to notice a positive change in their health. They were no longer getting sick as often, and their energy levels improved. Fatema was amazed at the impact that such a simple product could have on her children’s health and well-being.

Fatema’s story is just one example of the impact that Grameen Danone Foods Limited is having on the lives of millions of people in Bangladesh. By bringing health through nutrition, the company is creating positive change and inspiring communities to prioritize their health and well-being. 


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